Service Context for Soldiers A-Z: OP BANNER

Operation Banner, 1969-2007, was the British Army’s support to the UK Government during the inter-community violence and terrorism in Northern Ireland (NI). Known as the Troubles, the conflict began in 1969 and it became the British Army’s longest running operation.

Although it was essentially a land forces operation, the Royal Navy and Royal Airforce provided additional operational capabilities. Royal Marines participated as land forces alongside the Army. Locally recruited full-time, and part-time, soldiers served in the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) of the British Army. These soldiers and their families lived were they served and were cruelly exposed to the actions of murderous Irish Republican Terrorists.

The Soldiers face says it all!
The impact of Service in Northern Ireland.
Who have you seen with that expression? Your MP? Your Doctor? Your father? Your Son? No one?

We may never see someone pushed that hard, put in that state of mind, hammered into that trauma.

Months and years of standing in front of you and your families, between you and brutal Terrorism, saving you from grievous injury and a bloody death.

During the Northern Ireland “Troubles” 1969-2007 over 300,000 British Armed Forces personnel served in such circumstances.

Now, up-to 52 years later, approximately 2-300 face prosecution for deaths caused by the Army’s operations in response.

Successive British Governments, of all parties, have used the prosecution of these 60 & 70 year olds as a bargaining chip to appease Irish Republican terrorists who are free to walk our streets despite their serial killing of thousands of innocents.

Help these old Soldiers cope with the impact of this Political Prosecution on them and their families.

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