We are now in a position to collect funds as a constituted group with charitable objectives.

Dennis Hutchings has full access to observe the management of the fund .

We have the support of Dennis Hutchings and are hopeful for the the support of all Veterans. We need Members of the fund who want to give practical support by fundraising.

As a member you will have access to the Management Committee decision making via published minutes and details of the funds received, funds spent and balances etc.

There will be various fundraising methods using the imagination and industry of Members.

Merchandise will be available. The Fund will seek best prices and purchase stock items from independent suppliers with no connection to the fund Members. Items will be sold online for a sensible price, with the money received being paid directly to the fund.

There will be no profiteering, or only paying a proportion of profits, etc. All incomeAll will be visible to Fund Members.

We have set up a PayPal not for profit business account. Due to COVID 19, it’s proving impossible to open a new “Treasurers Account” just now. However I’m sure the prospect of a decent transfer from our PayPal account will oil the wheels.

If you want to join this venture and support the Soldier A to Z as a member then please follow this link and complete the application process.

The current Membership Fee is £15 for June 2020 to June 2021. Concessions are available.

Please Join in. Many thanks #FightForAtoZ