Sniping at the Fund

We have now had three occasions, two involving individuals and one a group entity, were they have publicly criticised the fund, or publicly questioned the Funds intentions. They obviously have not done their research and must have poor knowledge of the lawful standing of a “Constituted Group with Charitable Objects”, that is this Funds position.

This post will be displayed at the prime position on the Funds Social Media Feeds. This is to make it clear that we will not tolerate any public statements aimed at the Fund that are detrimental to it’s reputation.

The Campaign to support Soldiers A to Z is not the ego playground, or money spinner, that many treat it as.

Our A to Z Comrades are facing the most absurd threat to their last years and if that does not concentrate the thoughts of every Veteran to work together, then the Veteran Community is frankly, a degenerate mess.

Do not drag this Fund down. From this point if you have an issue with the Fund then make private contact . If you publicly make baseless, badly researched comments, that are detrimental to the Fund then you can expect to be called out and corrected on Social Media.

If you feel confident enough that the Fund is not acting with propriety then go to the Police, or Charity Commission, you are perfectly within your rights to report a crime or whistleblow bad practice.

However gossip and snipes can damage a reputation that is relied on to help a charity become successful. It is possible to calculate the value of such damage and the Fund will seek the restoration of its reputation and any financial loss.

Hard words however, the plight of the A-Zs is a very serious matter.

Paul Skinner BEM, Fund Chairman.