A Veteran speaks out – “Please join us and donate. Thanks!”

Whilst Covid19 has been tragic for many it has also had an impact on our campaign .

Having protested relentlessly against the prosecution of NI Veterans since L/Cpl J in 2015 I have felt pretty useless lately but thanks to Soldier A-Z Fund I can now donate to those directly affected .

Yes ‘ there was an issue with setting up the Bank Acc due to these abnormal times but seems to be resolved now .

Getting people to Donate can be difficult but actually Donating should be the easiest thing in the world and I hope Admin are mindful of that .

Well done to all concerned in setting up this vital fund which should ensure that the prosecuted are not forgotten as they go through ‘ hell ‘ .

Remember that the ‘Dambusters ‘ got a lot of ‘ flak ‘ but they still reached their target !

Keep up the good work and Respect to all !

By D.L. – Royal Artillery Veteran.