Dennis Hutchings has been with the Soldier A to Z Fund from the beginning

He is the most high profile Soldier A to Z and he has full access to every aspect of the Funds activities and decision making including Management Committee meetings.

His approval, as a Soldier A to Z, for the Fund and it’s objectives means the world to us as we strive to prepare for this terrible phase of Op Banners legacy.

The Soldier A to Z Fund is a constituted group with charitable objectives. As such it has Members who elect a Management Committee. It operates according to the Group Constitution which is available on this site.

The Fund is a not for profit group and Members are unpaid. Indeed, they pay an annual membership fee and contribute time and effort to the objectives of the group.

The overall aim is to directly support, within the resources of the Fund, any Soldier A to Z, who is charged with offences connected to their service in Northern Ireland.

The Constitution also allows the Fund to increase awareness of the A to Zs plight. To this end we have produced informative leaflets for use by Soldier A to Z campaigners free of charge. A range of flags and banners are being prepared, again for campaigners. Depending on circumstances, these may be free, subsidised, or sold, for campaigners.

Any and all proceeds will go to the Fund. Members will be briefed on all income & expenditure.

Joining details are on the website and you can donate by bank card, and or, by monthly subscription below. £10 per month is a popular subscription, some pay £20, and all occasional and one off donations are very welcome.

Paul A Skinner BEM, former Int Corps.
Fund Chair.