Sign the Soldier A to Z Petition

Dennis Hutchings has asked for a petition to be raised that requires the Government to stop the prosecution of Operation Banner Veterans for alleged offences during the Northern Ireland “Troubles” (1969-2007).

You can view the petition on this link This is a public petition made available on this website.

You will be asked for the name of your Member of Parliament. You can check their name with your postcode here: Find your M.P.

The petition: IMPORTANT

  • It will be updated periodically throughout the day.
  • Your postcode and email address will not be made public.
  • Public Signing: Only your name, your M.P.’s name and, your “status comment” will be displayed on the public petition. Please use a nickname or alias if you like.

Declaration: “I declare my support for ending the prosecution of veterans of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces over alleged offences connected with their service in the Northern Ireland Troubles.”