A-Z Fund: Northern Ireland Leaflets and Flags Project

UPDATE: This member project achieved it’s fundraising target of £165.00 in just 4 days. A great tribute to those in the Veteran Community, their Loyal Supporters and this Funds Members, who made this a success. Thank you all #FightForAtoZ.

An opportunity to help the Loyal Soldier A to Z supporters who stand in the Streets & Courts of Northern Ireland.

Standing with the Soldiers A to Z
The new N.I. Soldier A to Z flag design.

In preparation for the Soldier A to Z trials, that start in the new year (2021) our Northern Ireland Representative has proposed the purchase of 10 flags to be flown in prominent locations in Northern Ireland (NI).

To further help fund this project another 10 flags will be purchased. These will be sold via www.soldier-a-to-z.org. It is intended that this project will become self-funding through the sale of these flags with an occasional need for top-up donations. Money donated to purchase these flags and leaflets will be ring-fenced for this specific project.

Also proposed is the purchase of 2,000 leaflets designed specifically for the NI community. (The agreed designs are, the flag above and leaflet below).

The new N.I. Soldier A to Z leaflet.

The flags and leaflets are to be used to raise awareness in Northern Ireland, of the upcoming Soldier A to Z trials and, to increase local support. Some leaflets will be used for door to door delivery.

There will be a need for further flags and leaflets of this type over the next few years. These will be supplied to our NI Representative for local use.

Dennis Hutchings has given this project his full support and he regards support from the community in Northern Ireland as vital when the A-Zs are in court. He recognises the courage of those in Northern Ireland who are standing for the Operation Banner Veterans such as himself.

In time the mix of donations and flag sales will make this project self sufficient, with this appeal acting as a kickstart.

A new approach to raising awareness

The donation campaign will be suspended when sufficient funds have been raised and reinstated again when needed. Any surplus funds will be carried forward for when donations are needed again to support further project purchases. In time it is hoped that the mix of donations and flag sales will make this project self sufficient with this appeal acting as a kickstart.