2021 is to be a monumental year of disgrace…


Well be are about to enter 2021. A monumental year for the disgrace of courageous British Soldiers being prosecuted for doing their duty in Northern Ireland (NI) during OP BANNER 1969-2007.

The prosecutions begin early in the new year, preliminary hearings have occurred in most cases. The potential for these politically motivated prosecutions, that are to appease Irish Republican Terrorists, is huge. Potentially 2-300 veterans in their 60-70s could be involved.

Our protests have not shamed the British Government into reversing the appeasement. Men who risked their lives are now having their old age taken from them.

Hence the Soldier A to Z Fund was established. Those veterans who are in the frame for prosecution face the pain of betrayal. The Government has given them over to their former enemies who have become established in power in Northern Ireland and they now dominate Policing and the Courts.

It is to this Countries shame that this is happening and those who still see the heroism and courage needed to serve in NI are no doubt bewildered at this turn of events.

We need to pull together for the A to Zs, we all need to find a way to give and show support. Supporting the Fund is one way, and directing your opinions to politicians is another, as is picketing and attending carefully selected protests.

Find a way to get active for the A to Zs, do something and make it count!

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/SoldierAZFund/

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/SoldierAtoZFund

British Veteran: https://m.facebook.com/VeteranBritish/