Dennis Hutchings: In his own words.

Who am I?

My name is Dennis Hutchings. I served in the British Army for 26 years.

I was posted to Northern Ireland during the Troubles in the early 1970’s and I did several tours there. I did my duty as did many others. Now we are the subject of repeat investigations and prosecutions.

My story

On 15 June 1974 John Patrick Cunningham was shot and killed in NI. This was a tragic incident. I did not shoot Mr Cunningham.

I was arrested at the time and after an investigation told in writing that the Director of Public Prosecutions had directed that I would not be prosecuted. In 2011 the Historic Enquires Unit of the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) cold-case reviewed this matter and again I was told no action would be taken against me.

Then, out of the blue, on 21 April 2015 I was arrested at my home in England by police officers from Northern Ireland and taken the same day to Belfast where I was held for four days and interviewed on numerous occasions; more times, I’m told than Harold Shipman, believed to be history’s most prolific serial killer. I was then charged with Attempted Murder. I have been fighting this case ever since.

When I was arrested the then Director of Public Prosecutions in Northern Ireland was Bara McGrory, who previously had represented Martin McGuinness at the Bloody Sunday Inquiry and is stated on the Internet to have acted for Gerry Adams. Mr McGrory signed a certificate denying me a jury trial and I am to stand trial beginning on 9 March 2020.

I am not guilty of this or any crime. I dutifully served my country, am innocent, 78-years-old, suffer from ill health and, along with other veterans am the subject of a politically motivated witch-hunt.

Why we need your help

There is evidence that myself and another five veterans facing prosecution are the subject of discriminatory treatment by the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland.

While terrorists have been granted effective amnesties from prosecution, British Army veterans have been targeted in disproportionate numbers to be brought before the courts.

The people of Ulster and the Mainland must come together as one to support our servicemen who are being hounded on the behest of SF/IRA and their still active army council.

While there us another crisis in the UK the COVID-19, we must never ever forget our heros who defended the people against the cowards of SF/IRA and other republicians.

British Veteran Pickets

Join us….