OPERATION BANNER – the call to serve in torment

We must never forget the lives lost due to the Northern Ireland Troubles. Almost 1,500 members of the Armed Forces lost their lives.

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Responsibility for deaths over the time of the Troubles. (click for Wikipedia article)

The Good Friday Agreement (GFA) 1998 created the best prospects for peace between the communities of Northern Ireland (NI).

To appease Sinn Fein (SF) and the Irish Republican Army (IRA) Terrorists were released from prison over 20 years ago. The British Government secretly agreed that deaths attributed to the Armed Forces could be reinvestigated, despite being cleared by previous inquests and trials.

The processes needed for a mass re-investigation, of mainly British Army Veterans, are now in place and hundreds of Veterans face the prospect of murder convictions for deaths up-to 50 years ago!

This is not the only obstacle in the way of NI Veterans. Sinn Fein rather than being magnanimous after the peace, is perpetuating it’s hatred for individual Army and Police Veterans despite the concessions gifted to them. The Institutions of Northern Ireland are now very much under the influence of Politicians and Civil Servants who originate from the Irish Nationalist Population. The British Government has created this hostile system and are happy to throw Veterans to these wolfs.

History has been rewritten and the Armed forces feel betrayed by their own government.

No release from the conflict for the Veterans, no equity in treatment. This is why we support the A to Z campaign. Please help this Fund provide financial support to the campaign and the Soldiers A to Z themselves. Every effort counts for something.