Soldier A to Z Fund Membership Application

Please read the links, notes and fair processing notice below before completing the membership application form.

As a Member you will be able to observe the functioning of the Fund Management Committee. Take part in fundraising and make a real difference. You will be invited to vote on important issues such as the election of Management Committee candidates.


  1. Membership of the group shall be open to anyone over the age of 18 who is willing to respect the Constitution and support its objectives.
  2. An annual membership fee may be charged as set by the committee.
  3. Membership may be refused or, withdrawn, from an individual. Decisions on refusal or removal, of membership will be made by the Management Committee.
  4. The Secretary shall maintain a register of all current Members, of all groups.
(*from Section 4 of Soldier A to Z Fund – Group Constitution 2020 v1.1 10/06/2020)

Membership Application

As a prospective Member of the Soldier A to Z Fund Group you must

  1. abide by the Constitution, Soldier A to Z fund Constitution.
  2. follow the Responsibilities of a New Member,
  3. supply all the required information and submit the form below.

Data Protection – Fair Processing Notice.

  • Whilst you are a Member of the Soldier A to Z Fund Group your personal data will be held under the requirements of UK Law, and it will be processed to support your Soldier A to Z Fund Group membership activities.
  • Your personal data will be kept until the end of the current Membership Year in case you would like to re-join. Alternatively, we will delete your data on request when you leave the Soldier A to Z Fund Group.
  • Danger of harm. The obligation to report: In all circumstances Members will disclose the possibility of self-harm or, harm to a member, or other individual, to the appropriate competent authority. This is with the intention of preventing harm.