Responsibilities: New Fund Member

Soldier A to Z Fund – Responsibilities: New Fund Member

  1. Take responsibility for keeping yourself informed of the proceedings and plans discussed by the Soldier A to Z Fund (SAZF) and Membership.
  2. Provide information concerning your identity as requested during the recruitment procedure.
    a. *your true names,
    b. *date of birth,
    c. *email address,
    d. *contact telephone number,
    e. *first part of your post code. E.g. HG6.
    f. *veteran or, loyal supporter.
    *Required on joining.
  3. Keep SAZF administrators informed of any changes to your contact information.
  4. Become familiar with the group agreement and;
    a. agree to abide by its terms.
    b. highlight any issues it may cause you, and
    c. make any suggestions that you have for amending the terms.
  5. Many members can be expected to be enduring mental health issues and we must be patient and take responsibility for our own behaviour towards others.
  6. Complete the Membership Induction process when you decide to become a member.
  7. Please pay the membership fee when it is due or, on request. If paying the fee would cause financial hardship, please contact the SAZF administrators.

Implemented: 10/06/2020