Responsibilities: Fund Member.

“Our prime responsibility is to act with goodwill and due regard to others at all times”

“Should the membership fail to maintain the Member Rules then the Soldier A to Z Fund will fundamentally change, become toxic and potentially cause harm to individuals.”

Responsibilities of a Fund Member.

  1. Demonstrate continuous acceptance of this, and all previous Levels of responsibility.
  2. Abide by all extant Fund policies, procedures, and rules.
  3. Please do not post anything not connected with Soldiers A to Z or, the Funds activities. Should the Fund come under scrutiny the Group posts will be treated as minutes of how the Fund has conducted its business. Our conduct in the Fund Group should professional and formal with outside scrutiny of our business being kept in mind.
  4. Soldier A to Z Group exists to support Veterans and their dependents, there is to be no fundraising by Members without an approved project. This is an important part of the openness that will protect us from accusations of bad practice and fraud, etc.
  5. Members must relate to other members without;
    a. un-warranted judgement of a member’s behaviour.
    b. forming ad-hoc discussions concerning other members’ behaviour. Unconstructive critical gossip can harm individuals, it is a serious breach of rules. Concerns are to be passed on by confidential reporting channels.
    c. criticism of individuals must be valid and based on facts. Opinions are not always factual.
    d. without creating drama. If someone irritates you, please do not be judgemental, give the benefit of doubt and move on. Substantial grievances should be reported to the Fund Chairman. Be generous with your forgiveness as we all have bad days and the Fund needs everyone to be “in the team”.
    e. by accepting the diversity of every individual and not being selective or exclusive. No one is exempt from the laws relating to discrimination and harassment – take care to avoid conduct of that nature.
    f. by being careful about sharing responsibility for activities. Do not overburden active individuals and step up to help if you can.
    g. be co-operative, and supportive, to those who have responsibilities for group activities and the development of Soldier A to Z Fund. Members giving leadership are at risk if there is a failure of support, or if the behaviour of others causes difficulties for them.
    h. do not behave to the detriment of the Fund, by act or, omission.
    i. Do not post or discuss, confidential or, sensitive personal information discussed in the group.
  6. Aspire to attend all group meetings, vote when asked to and keep up to date on developments relating to Soldier A to Z issues. Acquire knowledge to better understand the plight of Soldiers A to Z. Regularly read the output from the Fund Membership. Be on the lookout to identify sources of information concerning Soldiers A to Z and report to the Management Committee

Implemented 22/06/2020