Led by Billy & Paul, who started the picketing campaign at Bradford Crown Court on Wednesday 8th January 2020. Both are experienced protesters and have attended several large protests & marches.

We have a fantastic team of Veterans with many different cap badges as well as some very Loyal Supporters. We normally put a team of 6 to 12 at each picket. If you are happy to travel to West Yorkshire then please join us. #FightForAtoZ

Pickets done : –

    Bradford Crown Court Picket, 08/01/2020.
    Leeds Crown Court Picket, 17/01/2020.
    Bradford Army Careers Office Picket, 07/02/2020.
    West Yorkshire Police Forensic Labs, Wakefield, 08/02/2020.
    Leeds Crown Court Picket, 14/02/2020.
    Bradford City Hall, 22/02/2020.
    Huddersfield Daily Examiner Offices, 24/02/2020.
    Yorkshire Post Newspaper Office, 28/02/2020.
    West Yorkshire Police, Wakefield Division HQ, 29/02/2020.
    Leeds Army Recruitment Office, 06/03/2020.
    HQ 4th Bn Para Regt, Pudsey, 07/03/2020.
    Newtownards, N.I, Crown Court, 09/03/2020.
    Telegraph & Argus Newspaper, Bradford, 13/03/2020.
    Warrington Golden Gates, 16/07/2020.
    HQ 4th Bn Para Regt, Pudsey, 24/07/2020.
    HQ 4th Bn Para Regt, Pudsey, 25/07/2020.
    British Legion County Office, Leeds, 31/07/2020.
    Catterick Garrison, 01/08/2020.
    Army Foundation College, Harrogate, 07/08/2020.
    Hardwood Barracks, Leeds, 14/08/2020
    Carlton Barracks, Leeds, 14/08/2020

Next Pickets: –

Start of Dennis Hutchings trial in Northern Ireland, Monday 1st February 2021, on Parade 11am onwards. Location to be notified, get in touch for more information.

Dress for cold, wet & windy weather – possible exposed location, bring beret and warm hat & gloves/mitts. Strong footwear of walking boot type. Your own flask as can’t share (COVID rules. Maintain social distances and wear masks if you can’t avoid being closer.

Contact :– West Riding No1 Picket

Previous Pickets:

Veteran, 73, forms one-man picket at Examiner Live office to protest historic prosecution of soldiers

PDF Leaflets: –

#StopVeteranProsecutions –

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